Instagram Famous Clothing Brand/ Fashion Nova Review Summer 2017

There is this cool clothing brand called Fashion Nova that has been buzzing around the social media web. Instagram followers and YouTubers have all been raving about this web famous company. This is my honest opinion about them.

Hard Crushing Cap

I purchased this Hard Crushing Cap from them and the material is really nice and soft. I really can appreciate the detail and structure of the hat. It goes for the price of $7.99 and I think it is truly worth it and more. I bought the gray and the black version and feel very satisfied with both. The colors are true to what is seen on their website. I love these two hats because they can be worn all year round not just for Spring and Summer.

Ellenyar Beauty Fashion nova review pic

Some people have mixed emotions about shopping at Fashion Nova due to some of the styles of clothing either being too small or a little too big and not being able to get their orders they put in in a timely manner. I really haven’t experienced that besides one item I purchased the Call On Me Jeans I could have gone down a size but they are still wearable. Check out my video review on my Fashion Nova order!

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Influenster Vox Box Review 2017

Ellenyar Beauty Pantene Gold Series IMG_1852

Pantene Gold Series Vox Box

I am a little late with writing this blog post,  but I really want to talk about my Pantene Gold Series products that I received complimentary from Influenster in this month of July. I was really excited when I found out via email about being one of the lucky ladies chosen to receive this Vox Box! It is packed with three full-size products being a Moisture Boost Shampoo, Conditioner, and a Hydrating Butter Creme to moisturize the hair. Ellenyar Beauty Pantene Vox Box Gold Series IMG_1850

I really love these products because they are infused with Argan oil and they make my hair smell awesome and feel really soft. The thing I really love most about the Pantene brand is, they never disappoint when it comes to their products. They always produce high-quality products at a reasonable price that fits just about anyone’s budget. It is definitely a great product and I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to control frizz, control their curls and keep their hair strands healthy and moisturized.

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Daisy Vox Box Review

Daisy Vox Box

Last week I received my complimentary gift from Influenster the Daisy Vox Box! I was really impressed with the assortment of products that was sent to me! There is Live Clean Coconut Milk moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in a full-size bottle, The Skinny Popcorn, Always feminine Product to try, Yes Charcoal Detoxifying mask,  a coupon for a free Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt and a full-size bottle  Nature Bounty Probiotic Gummies along with a coupon to save on my next bottle.

I have to say I am really pleased with all the products and look forward to using them until I need to purchase more. I really enjoy testing and reviewing products! Getting this package really made my week very interesting because I had to focus on each product by testing them out one by one which is by the way, very fun. Let me know your thoughts about this Vox Box!

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Ipsy April 2017 Glam Goody Bag

Ellenyar Beauty IMG_1216

OMG, This Glam Bag Though…

I was very excited when I received my Ipsy Glam Bag this month! At first, I was a little skeptical about starting a monthly makeup subscription box since there are so many of them out there, I did not want to be stuck with makeup that did not fit my skin tone or my makeup taste. To my surprise, Ipsy nailed it. They care about what I really like and not just having me as an active monthly makeup box subscriber. I love this Bag!

Ellenyar Beauty- Ipsy Glam Bag April 2017 IMG_1219

This bag is awesome! It is filled with beautiful makeup products by cosmetic companies that I can see really care about their brand. The Naked Cosmetics Heavy Metal #4 eyeshadow is popping with a rich lovely copper bronze color that is so highly pigmented, I am really loving this shadow! The pigmentation is as gorgeous as the M.A.C brand of loose eyeshadows. Colourpop Mr. Bing Creme gel Liner is smooth and easy to glide on your lips. I love the color and the ease of using the product. Lisa Frank Blush Brush is so pretty with the little Unicorns and butterflies coating the handle making this brush fun and it is very soft with good quality bristles to use. I am really impressed with it!

As far as the Meg nail polish It is cool as the twin duo mini pack which is great for traveling and carrying in your cosmetic bag for later use. I really think this is an awesome color combination. I will definitely be looking out for more of their products!

The MintPear serum is a nice serum that is used at night packed with Vitamin C and other antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles and works well with sensitive skin. Overall, I give this makeup bag two thumbs up or may I say five stars. I will continue with my monthly subscription eager to see what I will receive next. Let me know your thoughts about this if you have this cool Glam Bag. 🙂

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Mikasa Beauty Techni Brushes

Ellenyar Beauty Mikasa Beauty Techni brush set pic 2

I am happy to introduce these beautiful Techni brushes by Mikasa Beauty .  I found out about the company via Instagram and saw many beautiful women who look like models and makeup artist on their page. So, the other day I was playing in my makeup and decided to use them since I have a ton of brushes and beauty blender type sponges. I have other oval brushes but, I really did not use them that much for some, I thought were a little difficult to blend certain types of makeup. I was really pleasantly surprised when I found out about these brushes.

I have to admit how beautifully soft they are and how easily it blended my makeup. I think I have become obsessed with these and plan to do a test comparing the brushes I currently have to these babies. I am still working on my Youtube channel and plan to do videos to show how I do my makeup and DIY things but for now, I will be here and on my other social media sites. But If you want to find out more about Mikasa Beauty Brushes, check them out and use promo code EllenyarBeauty25 to save on your first order!

I can tell you that I am hooked and love these brushes a lot that I am ordering an additional set just to make sure I have them in my brush collection for a long time. I tell you if you are a makeup lover like me, then you know how important it is to have many different types of tools to get that gorgeous and flawless finish. But I’d like to know your thoughts so leave a comment with your thoughts if you like or just want to say hello. 🙂

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Double Tea Bag Your Cup for Super Energy and Antioxidants


Good morning! If you do not know me by now, I have to tell you that I am a person that just loves, loves, tea! With that being said, this is how i drink my cups of tea daily.I use a Keurig with out any k-cup pods just for the water. If you did not know, you definitely can do that. So what I do is choose my two tea bags that I want to have in the morning and afternoon. I then turn the Keurig on and as soon as it says, (Ready to brew) I pull up the handle where you would normally place the k-cup pod, select the cup size that I like, and gently push down the handle and water starts to fill my cup submerging my tea bags! I love it and i save money by not buying the tea k-cups.


Sorry about the video being so big! Let me know what you think about making your own Super Tea bag cup of tea. There is such a huge selection of tea for this!

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My Purple Love

My Purple Love


Purple is such a beautiful color! It is the color of royalty and the thing that is so damn beautiful about it is, it comes in many unique shades whether deep in color or fair, Purple is one of the loveliest hues that compliments everyone’s skin tone.