St. Patrick’s Day Crazy about green Makeup Look

I was supposed to post this exactly on Saint Patty’s day but got tied up and fell a few days behind working on building this new blog as well as trying to figure out editing my videos to post on YouTube. It has been hella Crazy! But here I am today sharing with you, my fun and crazy about green St. Patrick’s day beat.

Ellenyar Beauty St Patty's day makeup 2017

I just have this beautiful love affair with makeup and I am always trying to create something fierce, dope and out of the box. The thing I enjoy so much about cosmetics is how it has the ability to transform the so-called cliche, ugly duckling to a swan. There are so many people who try to come down on us Makeup lovers, artist, and enthusiast about our obsession with it and not having self-confidence that is why most or some people think and believe we use this as a way to hide who we really are. If you are a makeup lover

If you are a makeup lover like me, tell me your thoughts about makeup. Do you feel it can be a tool for confidence, fun and empowerment? Let me know. 🙂

Love & Beauty,

Raynelle J. signature purple






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