Double Tea Bag Your Cup for Super Energy and Antioxidants


Good morning! If you do not know me by now, I have to tell you that I am a person that just loves, loves, tea! With that being said, this is how i drink my cups of tea daily.I use a Keurig with out any k-cup pods just for the water. If you did not know, you definitely can do that. So what I do is choose my two tea bags that I want to have in the morning and afternoon. I then turn the Keurig on and as soon as it says, (Ready to brew) I pull up the handle where you would normally place the k-cup pod, select the cup size that I like, and gently push down the handle and water starts to fill my cup submerging my tea bags! I love it and i save money by not buying the tea k-cups.


Sorry about the video being so big! Let me know what you think about making your own Super Tea bag cup of tea. There is such a huge selection of tea for this!

Love & Beauty,

Raynelle J. signature purple


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