Mikasa Beauty Techni Brushes

Ellenyar Beauty Mikasa Beauty Techni brush set pic 2

I am happy to introduce these beautiful Techni brushes by Mikasa Beauty .  I found out about the company via Instagram and saw many beautiful women who look like models and makeup artist on their page. So, the other day I was playing in my makeup and decided to use them since I have a ton of brushes and beauty blender type sponges. I have other oval brushes but, I really did not use them that much for some, I thought were a little difficult to blend certain types of makeup. I was really pleasantly surprised when I found out about these brushes.

I have to admit how beautifully soft they are and how easily it blended my makeup. I think I have become obsessed with these and plan to do a test comparing the brushes I currently have to these babies. I am still working on my Youtube channel and plan to do videos to show how I do my makeup and DIY things but for now, I will be here and on my other social media sites. But If you want to find out more about Mikasa Beauty Brushes, check them out and use promo code EllenyarBeauty25 to save on your first order!

I can tell you that I am hooked and love these brushes a lot that I am ordering an additional set just to make sure I have them in my brush collection for a long time. I tell you if you are a makeup lover like me, then you know how important it is to have many different types of tools to get that gorgeous and flawless finish. But I’d like to know your thoughts so leave a comment with your thoughts if you like or just want to say hello. 🙂

Love & Beauty,

Raynelle J. signature purple


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