Ellenyar Beauty FAQs Banner

1.Who is Ellenyar Beauty?

Answer-  Ellenyar Beauty is A female that love makeup and beauty!

2. How did you come up with Ellenyar Beauty?

Answer- Since I wanted a name close to who I am, I decided to go with my real name spelling it backwards and added beauty to it for my love of beautiful things.

3. Are you a professional makeup artist?

Answer- No I am not. I am a lover of makeup and I do have experience doing makeup.

4. Did you ever work for Sephora?

Answer- No, but I have worked as a Beauty Ambassador for a well-known Makeup company which I will not disclose.

5. Are you sponsored or Endorsed by anyone?

Answer- No not as of yet.

6. Why did you start this blog?

Answer- I started this blog to share the thing I love and to connect with other like -minded individuals.

7. Do you want to become a professional MUA?

Answer- I thought about it but as of right now, I am comfortable learning from others and teaching myself new techniques and trends about makeup.