Instagram Famous Clothing Brand/ Fashion Nova Review Summer 2017

There is this cool clothing brand called Fashion Novaย that has been buzzing around the social media web. Instagram followers and YouTubers have all been raving about this web famous company. This is my honest opinion about them.

Hard Crushing Cap

I purchased this Hard Crushing Cap from them and the material is really nice and soft. I really can appreciate the detail and structure of the hat. It goes for the price of $7.99 and I think it is truly worth it and more. I bought the gray and the black version and feel very satisfied with both. The colors are true to what is seen on their website. I love these two hats because they can be worn all year round not just for Spring and Summer.

Ellenyar Beauty Fashion nova review pic

Some people have mixed emotions about shopping at Fashion Nova due to some of the styles of clothing either being too small or a little too big and not being able to get their orders they put in in a timely manner. I really haven’t experienced that besides one item I purchased the Call On Me Jeans I could have gone down a size but they are still wearable. Check out my video review onย my Fashion Nova order!

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